Taos Pueblo Tiwa Babies is now providing services to families with children 3-5 years of age.


Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) is a home based, parent involvement program that brings early learning educational materials into the homes. The program provides solutions that strengthen families and help preschool children realize success by beginning school ready to learn.  HIPPY USA believes that all parents want what is best for their children and that parents play a critical role in their children’s education.  HIPPY believes that parents and children, with support, can overcome obstacles to learning and strengthen their bond with each other.  The model is designed to remove barriers to participation in education.  HIPPY’s primary goal is to increase vulnerable children’s success in school, and ultimately, in life.

The HIPPY curriculum designed for children 3, 4, and 5, contains activity packets, storybooks, sets of manipulative shapes. In addition to basic materials, supplies such as scissors and crayons are provided for each participating family.

The research based activities are developmentally appropriate for children, practicing skills that are sequential and progress within each year and over the three years.  The Age 5 activities meet early learning standards for kindergarten, and have been developed to support the learning that takes place in kindergartens nationally. The HIPPY curriculum develops skills over the three-year period in key learning domains including: Early Reading, Literacy, Language, and Communication, Thinking and Reasoning, Mathematics, Science, Physical and Motor Development, Social and Emotional.

Learning and play mingle throughout HIPPY’s curriculum as parents expose their children to early literacy skills such as: Phonological and phonemic awareness, letter recognition, book knowledge, and early writing experiences.

HIPPY is not a curriculum of mastery, but rather a curriculum of exposure to skills, concepts and experiences with books that together constitute “school readiness” for young children.  Skills and concepts are developed through a variety of activities including:

  • Reading
  • Writing and drawing
  • Listening and talking
  • Singing and rhyming
  • Playing games
  • Cooking and sewing
  • Shapes and colors
  • Exploration with a variety of materials
  • Puzzles and more

If you would like additional information, contact Tiwa Babies Home Visiting Program staff at 575-758-7824 or visit www.hippyusa.org