Home Visiting is, at its core, about parent-child interaction and parent-child relationships. It is not a “do this/don’t do that” approach to parent education. Rather, it is the foundation by which the home visitor supports parents to understand and act upon their children’s developmental stages and the opportunities that each stage offers for learning. We also support parents to explore and learn about their child’s brain development, child development, and connect parents to community resources. Home Visits take place in the home, while some can also be arranged at the local park or a place of your choice, visits are uniquely created to meet the individual needs of each family served. The length of a visit is usually 1 hour and a visit  includes three areas of emphasis: parent-child interaction, family well-being and development-centered parenting. Tiwa Babies also offers monthly family circles. Family Circles offer opportunities for parents and children to come together and participate in a variety of hands-on learning activities and connect with other families.