What’s going on at Taos Pueblo in Early Learning?

What’s going on at Taos Pueblo in Early Learning?


Right now is a really exciting time at Taos Pueblo for Early Learning! For the first time we have an Early Learning Committee, we have two home visiting programs, and Taos Pueblo HeadStart and My 1st School are still providing great services and child care for our kiddos at no cost or very little cost for families.

The Early Learning Committee consists of various programs involved in Early Learning such as: Taos Pueblo Head start/My 1st School, BabyFACE, Tiwa Babies, Taos Pueblo Public Health Nurse and Community Health Representative, Taos Pueblo Fitness Specialist, Taos Pueblo Department of Education, Taos 1st Steps, Los Angelitos, and Oo oo nah Art Center. The committee’s goal is to work together and provide the best possible resources for families at Taos Pueblo.

At our last meeting we decided that it would be great to put a newsletter together for parents, grandparents, teachers, and community members so we could keep everyone informed on what is going on at the Pueblo for our youngest members. We hope parents, grandparents and the community will step up and become more actively involved in our children’s lives. We hope you enjoy


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