Tribal Home visiting program

Honoring your family traditions

Few experiences are as rewarding and challenging as parenthood. Tiwa Babies is a service delivery that matches expectant parents/caregivers and parents/caregivers of children 0-5 years old with a qualified family support specialist. Tiwa Babies services promote optimal child and family development. Services are universal, at no cost, and provided in the family’s home or another location of the family’s choice. We offer our services to Native Families and Non-Native Families living in Taos County. 

tribal Home Visiting

What family’s say about Tiwa Babies Home Visiting

“Supportive friendly, caring staff with a wealth of knowledge to help guide you on your adventures in parenting”

“Tiwa Babies Home Visiting is a great program that is supportive, flexible and adaptable to the various stages of pregnancy, infancy, and into early childhood. Their services have been really valuable to our family and their staff truly cares about the work they do”

Tiwa Babies