tiwa Babies Services

Learning begins at birth. By the time children turn three, they have already begun laying the foundation for life-long learning and success.

Making the most of early learning moments can be the difference between a fragile beginning and a strong start. Join us to discover more about how to support  your child’s early learning and healthy development. 

  • Child Health and well-being
  • Child development and school readiness
  • Positive parent-child relationships
  • Parent Health and well-being
  • Family economic self-sufficient

Who can participate in the Tiwa babies Home Visiting?

  • Any Taos County expectant families and families with children birth to age five.
  • Any relative raising a child and foster families

A home visit might include:

  • a valuation of child family strengths and needs
  • delivery of information on child development stages and progress
  • designed and cultural parent-child activities
  • coordination support during stressful times
  • emotional support during stressful times

What happens during a home visit? the Parent/caregiver and Family Support Specialist;

  • review information about healthy pregnancy and how children reach their milestones
  • find connections to community resources and support systems
  • discover and explore the relationship with your child that supports their well-being
  • talk about the meaning of your child's behaviors

“Like stars are to the sky, so are children to the world. They deserve to shine!”   Chinonye J. Chidolue